Elevating Workplace Dining with Povio: The Fooda Success Story

Introduction: A Gastronomic Revolution at Work!

When Echo, a forward-thinking Chicago-based company, dreamt of bringing local culinary delights to workplaces, they needed a tech partner that could turn their ambitious vision into reality. They found that in Povio. Together, we crafted Fooda, an app that is reinventing workplace food programs by connecting employees, companies, and the best local restaurants across the United States!

The Challenge: A Culinary Conundrum

Imagine creating an all-in-one mobile solution that would have to manage invoices, process payments, work offline, and do this for top-tier companies. This wasn't just about building an app; it was about revolutionizing how employees experience meals at work. The point-of-sale (POS) system we had to develop was a colossal challenge, requiring exceptional engineering skills.

The Solution: A Fully-Integrated Feast

Povio created a robust point-of-sale system for Fooda that comprises two powerful, native iOS and Android apps, supported by a robust Ruby on Rails backend.

For the food-loving employee, the app is a treasure trove of great menus and the convenience of ordering and tracking meals.

For the restaurant or food vendor, it's a control center for managing orders and collecting payments with ease.

Fooda Pop-ups: Making Every Day a Food Festival!

Povio helped take Fooda to new heights by supporting Fooda Pop-ups with fully-integrated technology. These are exclusive events where your office becomes a food festival with popular local restaurants serving their specialties. Not only does this bring variety and joy to the employees’ meals, but it fosters camaraderie and collaboration among teams.

Tech Talk: The Ingredients Behind Fooda

At Povio, we love nerding out on the latest tech and best practices in design
and engineering. Our team’s agile approach created a flexible and reliable
system tailored to Fooda's requirements. We ensured seamless user
experiences, even when offline, through innovative solutions and rigorous

How we stirred the pot

  • Agile development using Jira for feature planning.
  • Coding best practices with peer reviews for quality assurance.
  • Ensuring offline functionality through intelligent data syncing

Technology stack

Server side

Client side iOS & Android

Serving Success

Fooda By The Numbers


in total funding

12 weeks

Development to delivery

4.7/5 44k

App Store Rating


companies get amazing food
through Fooda.

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