Revolutionizing home internet with WiFi Unicorn, Plume


Building a comprehensive, intuitive WiFi management system

Founded in 2015, Plume set out to deliver steady, reliable internet connections in every home, without the need for technical know-how or expensive hardware. Starting with aesthetically pleasing home WiFi devices, Plume came to Povio in 2017 with the goal of upgrading and expanding their service with a user-friendly WiFi management app. Now six years later–post Unicorn designation and successful acquisition–Povio continues to support Plume with a dedicated team of designers and developers.

Project requirements & goals

When Plume approached Povio, they had an impressive hardware product, and it was time to extend and optimize their offering to make it more user-friendly and integrated. Some of the team’s specific goals and requirements included:

  • Designing an intuitive, engaging user interface
  • Developing an efficient network management system
  • Generating real-time layouts of spaces in homes
  • Tracking device and application usage on the network
  • Building an advanced eCommerce solution for seamless transactions

A collaborative, integrated partnership

Plume came to Povio with clear goals and a robust hardware product. Our team undertook the project with a dual approach: not only developing the WiFi management app but also creating a robust eCommerce platform. In transitioning from a hardware product to a comprehensive mobile app, we struck a balance between servicing existing users and attracting new ones, while delivering an enhanced user experience and more intuitive navigation for managing home networks.


Building Plume’s Adaptive WiFi System

In close collaboration with Plume, Povio developed an intuitive plug-and-play WiFi management solution, which includes native iOS and Android apps and a polished web store with adaptive checkout. Key features of the app include:

  • Real-time home space layout
  • Network usage tracking
  • Extensive network management

The network usage tracking feature allows users to keep an eye on all the devices and applications running on their network. The intuitive network management system ensures that users can easily control their home WiFi.


A dedicated team effort

Povio supports Plume with a complete project team spearheaded by a dedicated project manager who utilize scrum methodologies to guarantee smooth, efficient development and delivery. The team consists of a product designer, backend developer, and mobile developer who work together to successfully fulfill all of Plume's objectives.


A modern tech stack built to scale

Transactions requiring instant fulfillment. We integrated APIs to allow Plume to efficiently manage shipments, returns, and customer support.

  • AWS for backend deployment
  • Swift and Objective C for the app development
  • Fabric for error management
  • Zuora for the eCommerce solution

WiFi simplified!

Plume's Adaptive WiFi™ system is live on both the App Store and Google Play, offering users the easiest way to manage their home WiFi. Plume users have expressed enthusiastic feedback about the app's ability to simplify WiFi management, making their online experience smoother and more reliable.


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